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Kelly Peters created a new experience for dancers in 2 big cities


Kelly Peters created a new experience for dancers in 2 big cities

Kelly Peters talks with rolling out

Kelly Peters is the co-owner and creative director of Brickhouse NYC. He talked with rolling out about his vision for Brickhouse, how important his team is and the creation of their new space in Atlanta.

What is Brickhouse?

Brickhouse is New York’s premier hip-hop and urban dance studio, and we’re located in Times Square. Ex-Factory is our training program, in which we basically train dancers and send them out into the world to be amazing professional dancers in the industry. We have several dancers that are working professional jobs with Usher, J. Lo, Lady Gaga and Omarion. They started with us, and we train them and put them out. We start at age 7 and we go up to age 30.

What inspired you to do something like this?

I’m a choreographer, and I’m a B-boy. When I started dancing, I started as a B-boy, and as a popper and I’m a street dancer. I have a major passion for hip-hop, pop-culture and hip-hop dance. I didn’t know that my talent, skill, or my gift was teaching and working with young people and [older] people alike. Once I figured out what my purpose was, I just really wanted to expand on my ministry, which is my ministry of dance and so I created a program called Ex-Factory.

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