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Little Girl Suffers Cruel Jokes about Her Family Resemblance, Takes a DNA Test Decades Later


Little Girl Suffers Cruel Jokes about Her Family Resemblance, Takes a DNA Test Decades Later

In an intriguing twist of events, a little girl always felt different from everyone around her. Her sense of otherness intensified as she grew older until decades later when an unexpected DNA test altered everything she knew about herself and her family. 

People might spend a large part of their lives trying to figure out themselves and their purpose for being alive. Battling nagging questions about self-identity and building our self-esteem might sometimes take years of hard work, courage, and determination. 

On the contrary, someone with a firm sense of self might experience self-doubt after realizing that what they grew up knowing about themselves and their lineage was nothing but a lie. Sadly, a young girl faced a similar situation that left her utterly shattered and confused. 

[Left] Little Dani pictured with the man who raised her, Paul Shapiro; [Right] A picture of Dani Shapiro and Irene Shapiro. | Source: |


Dani Shapiro was oblivious to eye-opening details about her existence for a long time. There were a series of harrowing truths she was utterly unaware of, the shadows of which had always haunted her. As a little girl, she always felt different from the others. 

In the late 1960s, Dani was at an Orthodox congregation in her hometown of Hillside, New Jersey, when she had a startling experience. One of her family friends, Mrs. Kushner, a Holocaust survivor and the future grandmother of Jared Kusher, pulled her aside and uttered: 

“We could have used you in the ghetto, little blondie. You could have gotten us bread from the Nazis.”

Mrs. Kushner’s comment left a lasting impression on Dani’s mind, highlighting her growing sense of alienation and lack of belongingness. The blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl “stuck out like a sore thumb” in her community of predominantly Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews.

Growing up, her sense of otherness and disconnect became even more powerful as strangers questioned her Jewish origins. Some people even remarked that she was the fruit of her dark-haired mother’s affair with a Swedish milkman. 


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