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Looking for A Plus Size Sport Bra That Gives You All The Support? Here Are 9 Amazing Options


Looking for A Plus Size Sport Bra That Gives You All The Support? Here Are 9 Amazing Options

The new year brings on new years resolutions, cheap gym memberships, and a want to explore new exercise options. And with all those spin/kickboxing/Zumba classes out there to explore, a good plus size sport bra is indeed a need because the last thing anyone needs during a HIIT session is BOUNCE.

Yeah, that’s me again in my Panache sport bra! New year, new PR to beat!

here’s 9 good plus size sport bra options to keep the girls locked in for all your workout needs!!!

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The SheFit Ultimate Sport Bra is a very good wireless plus size sport bra option that provides high impact support for your intense workout needs. Fitting up a 54″ band, this bra is fully adjustable on both the band as well as the straps, and has a front zip with hook and eye closure for support.

Their Flex and Low Impact sports bras are two additional styles recently added for all your yoga and pilates class needs.

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Enell gives some of the best support and compression for all of your higher impact exercise needs. This brand goes up to a 52 band, with the option to order custom sizing if your cup size falls outside of their ready to wear charts.

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The Anita Extreme Control bra recently got a cup size expansion for it’s best selling high impact sport bra, now supporting up to a 48 band and an American K/UK H cup. The four hook and eye closure and wide shoulder straps provide ample support to prevent bounce.

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