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Michelle Buteau’s Survival of the Thickest Gets the Greenlight


Michelle Buteau’s Survival of the Thickest Gets the Greenlight

If you don’t know who Michelle Buteau is by now, it’s clear you are of the mind of Patrick Starr and could possibly be sleeping under a rock! Michelle is a comedic genius and rom-com star.

Maybe you have seen her in the BET+ series First Wives Club or romantic comedies like Someone Great and Always Be My Maybe. Perhaps you’ve taken to her comedic timing in her debut Netflix stand-up special, Michelle Buteau: Welcome To My Buteaupia, or seen her host the Netflix reality show, The Circle? If so, then you know when Michelle is on your TV screen – she is gold. So, when I saw the news that Michelle Buteau was picked up for a new show on Netflix, I screamed!

Credit: Silja Magg

Michelle Buteau’s Book: Survival of the Thickest

Buteau released her book, Survival of the Thickest: Essays of a Plus Size Girl in A Small-Minded World, in December 2020, and I rushed to get my copy. Even though Michelle wouldn’t be able to showcase her book with a book tour due to the pandemic, I was invested in hearing more about her story and how this vivacious, bright, spirited, plus size woman came to grace our screens. Michelle’s comedy is transparent, relatable, and infectious, so I expected her memoir to be all those things and more.

When I read Survival of the Thickest, I laughed, then cried, then laughed some more, and then cried a little bit more. Her book explored her life growing up as a thick & plus size girl, being a light-skinned Caribbean Black girl in Jersey, dating, her journey with Catholicism, and her path to motherhood.

A Memoir Becomes a Sitcom

It’s no surprise now, in 2022, Michelle Buteau’s book finds a series home with Netflix, where she can share her creativity and explore her book coming to life. Not only will the show be based on Buteau’s memoir, but she will also star in the show.

In Netflix’s description of the show, the streaming service shared, “the series will revolve around the newly single Mavis Beaumont who unexpectedly has to rebuild her life after putting all her eggs in one man’s basket.” When asked about her continued partnership with…

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