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Microsoft Prepares to Reopen Offices This Month


Microsoft Prepares to Reopen Offices This Month

Microsoft has set a Feb. 28 date for fully reopening some offices. 


For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO and CDC websites.

Microsoft offices in Washington state and the San Francisco Bay Area will reopen for in-person work starting Feb. 28, according to a blog post by Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela on Monday. This decision comes, the company said, as a result of “improving local health metrics,” with falling COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths and high vaccination rates.

Microsoft in September delayed its office reopening plans amid the continued pandemic. The next step would be to fully reopen every US location. 

In the post, Capossela outlined several reasons for the return-to-office decision in Washington: high vaccination rates, declining hospitalizations and deaths, and consistent local COVID-19 testing.

“As of Feb. 8, 2022, 83.8% of eligible King County residents — where most of our Washington state employees live — have completed their vaccine series, and 91.6% have received at least one dose,” Capossela said in the post. 

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Microsoft said it will be flexible with employees in the upcoming weeks, allowing them to request adjustments to their work site, location or hours for a more hybrid working schedule. All employees will have 30 days from Feb. 28 to make those adjustments. 

“When we originally shared our return to office approach with employees in the spring of 2020, our world looked much different,” Capossela said. “Throughout the past 18 months, we’ve…

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