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Mom-Of-Three Living on Disability Wins $200, Uses It to Rent Motel Room for a Homeless Man


Mom-Of-Three Living on Disability Wins $200, Uses It to Rent Motel Room for a Homeless Man

A woman was thrilled to win $200 from a $2 scratch ticket when she noticed a homeless man panhandling out in the cold. She bought him coffee and used her winnings to pay for his three-night stay at a motel. 

What would you do if you won a fortune out-of-the-blue one day? Often, people financially struggling are delighted to win a lottery and wouldn’t think twice before spending it. However, a chosen few like to travel off the beaten path.

When a young mother got lucky with money one night, she knew it could help her. But what she saw next profoundly touched her, making her reconsider her initial decision. Today, we’ll celebrate another soul-stirring story of kindness, friendship, and love. 

A teary-eyed Glenn Williams [Left]. Sofia Andrade and Glenn Williams [Right]. | Photo:

Sofia Andrade from Wareham, Massachusetts, was on a disability and a single mom of three young kids. She decided to spend her last $2 on a scratch-off card one day. Surprisingly, she won a whopping $200. Andrade told Upworthy:

“I don’t really buy them often because I don’t have the extra money, so when I won, I was just, like, super ecstatic.”

One night, she was waiting at a stop sign in New Bedford when she saw a homeless man asking passing vehicles for loose change. It was a cold February night in 2016, and something about him made Andrade roll her windows down and talk to him. 

Sofia Andrade. | Photo:

The then-28-year-old woman told ABC News: “And I was like ‘Where are you going? Can I buy you a cup of coffee?'” Then, she drove him to a coffee shop, and the two conversed for some time. Andrade’s kindheartedness left the homeless man in tears. 

Arone had spent her early 20s living in her car and said she felt an immediate connection with Williams.

Glenn Williams told Andrade he’d been homeless for nearly three years and lived off panhandling. Williams was so overwhelmed by just a cup of coffee that Andrade knew she had to do more for him. 

Sofia Andrade and Glenn Williams. | Photo:

The mom-of-three shared that she never felt the…

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