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NBA All-Star jerseys 2022: These might be the worst uniforms to date


NBA All-Star jerseys 2022: These might be the worst uniforms to date

The NBA dropped the ball this year with the new All-Star game jerseys.

After the new jerseys were announced early this morning, the internet wasn’t too happy about these. But neither were we.

For the fifth year, the league has once again collaborated with the Jordan brand for the design. In the NBA’s release statement, they allured to the jerseys paying tribute to the classic All-Star uniforms from the late 1980’s and early ‘90s.

With its very simple and boring structure, the silver represents the shine of a diamond which is symbolic to the NBA’s 75th year anniversary. You can also find the diamond on the bottom of each pair of shorts.

The blue and red, well… are just the NBA’s colors.

“The blue also speaks to the prominence of Lake Erie, and the red is a variation on the fiery strength and resilience of Cleveland,” the statement also mentioned. Very creative, NBA.

And if you didn’t already notice the terrible mesh material that was used, take a closer look. It’s almost as if it was a penny jersey we used for elementary school dodgeball. Sort of like this one:

Now what can be celebrated on the other hand, is the creativity put into the Converse uniforms for the Ruffles NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. Not only are these more artsy and vibrant, as I’m sure we can all agree are much more fun to look at, they were created by kid designers.

The uniforms are inspired by stylistic cultural differences between the East & West. The East nod to the resilience of the cities in the region and local street art. The West uniforms incorporate ’90s pop culture, including popular movies, television and music during that time.

— #NBAAllStar (@NBAAllStar) January 28, 2022

Converse partnered with their local Boston and Los Angeles–based Social and Community Impact partners, to recruit creatives, some who were as young as thirteen, to create these awesome uniforms. They should definitely be considered to being brought onto the All-Star design team for next year’s jersey pack.

What do you think of this year’s All-Star uniforms? Tell us which year had the…

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