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NBA suspends Bucks’ Grayson Allen one game for breaking Alex Caruso’s wrist


NBA suspends Bucks’ Grayson Allen one game for breaking Alex Caruso’s wrist

Grayson Allen’s reputation is REALLY BAD so he’s not exactly getting the benefit of the doubt here.Photo: Getty Images

Alex Caruso’s wrist is broken. He is going to miss the next 6-8 weeks of action for the Bulls. Grayson Allen, the person who knocked Caruso out of the air and caused his injury, has been suspended by the NBA for one game. If this seems a bit imbalanced to you, it’s because you have common sense.

For those that did not see the play from Friday night during the Milwaukee Bucks’ 94-90 victory over the Bulls, it is unequivocally not a basketball play. Caruso is in the air going for a layup off of a fastbreak when Allen clotheslines him, Bill Laimbeer style, out of midair.

It would be reasonable for the Bulls to be furious about this suspension. A member of their team might miss two months of action while the person who injured him misses a night? This could absolutely result in some vigilante justice when the two teams meet again in March. The NBA didn’t send a clear enough message with a one-game suspension that this type of behavior won’t be tolerated, so now the Bulls have to send a message to the rest of the league that, regardless of what the league does, that cheap shots will not be tolerated.

The initial contact can be forgiven. It can be plausibly argued that Allen went up to make a play on the ball and just happened to run into Caruso’s arm. He jumped into Caruso a bit recklessly for a professional athlete, but there has to be room for people to make aggressive plays. However, Allen then decides to take his second arm and swing it. To do what, exactly? In a Discord message he explained that after he attempted to block the shot, and that while he was “spinning” he tried to grab the ball with his other hand and accidentally hit Caruso again.

Spinning?! You know who was spinning, Caruso who was already horizontal after Allen flew into him like one of those Angry Birds in the Geico commercial. Then Allen attempts to explain away the blow he delivered with his other arm with some excuse about trying to retrieve the ball. That’s a nonsense explanation, because he never…

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