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Need Help With Galentine’s Day Date Ideas? Here are 5 Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Friendship


Need Help With Galentine’s Day Date Ideas? Here are 5 Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Friendship

Hey there Fashionistas! Let’s talk about Galentine’s Day Date Ideas! The ever-popular “Galentine’s Day” first debuted on the series, “Parks and Recreation”. Celebrated the day before Valentine’s Day, this fun holiday was designed for women to celebrate their female friendships, “sisterships”, and even devote the day to self-love and self-care.

This gal-focused day allows for women to appreciate themselves and their amazing power. So, let’s get into a few Galentine’s Day Date Ideas for you and your girls!

Prefer a Virtual Date?

Since we are amid a pandemic, some may be a little bit leary of large crowds but may feel better about doing something virtual. Well, we got you covered! There are so many virtual activities that could really make Galentine’s Day special!

One that is very popular and so much fun is a Virtual Spa Day! Plan ahead with a list of items each gal pal should have in the comfort of their own space. The easiest way to do this is to create a private list on Amazon with amazing, affordable items such as one-step face cleansers, moisturizer, a bathrobe and face towel set, a scented candle, or a personalized wine tumbler cup (don’t forget to tell them to buy wine)!

Share your Amazon Wishlist with your Galentine’s Day crew and plan a time for everyone to set up. Create a mini-itinerary so everyone is on the same page with the self-care, spa day moment. Once prepped, jump on a scheduled Zoom call and enjoy your time together! Pick out a playlist that everyone can enjoy, a few games, and celebrate each other!

Need more help? Revisit TCF’s article on “Self-Care at Home Ideas” and share them with the group!

Since we are on the subject of Amazon, why not have Dinner and a Movie! Amazon Prime has a feature where you can enter your name and click on Create Watch Party. Twitch has an entire article dedicated to hosting a watch party worthy of sharing with your Galentine’s Day date crew!

Now, what about the dinner part, right? Make one person the designated “Dinner Matchmaker”. That person will be responsible for…

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