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New 2022 Beauty Launches To Glow Up Your Glam Routine


New 2022 Beauty Launches To Glow Up Your Glam Routine

It may be safe to assume that we have all finally recuperated our finances after blowing our holiday budget to make those we care for feel special before the new year. Welcome, 2022. Have a seat and behave yourself!
Like a crystal ball, our favorite brands have foreseen our need for self-care at the top of the new year and prioritized it in their new beauty and self-care products. Hello, Peach & Lily and Pear Nova!

In January, we noticed an increase in the number of brands producing beauty and wellness products that promote healthy skin and a natural glow, and we can’t wait to share our faves. And yes, while we are highlighting the best product launches for the first month of the year, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the brands that dropped during the holiday season in December that you may have missed.

Old Man Winter will have a tough time trying to battle with these lip balms and hand creams that serve as a shield of protection.

Check out the list below for the secrets to your winter glow.


Caress Cocoa Butter & Oat Milk Body Wash

What was your resolution for the new year? Hopefully, dry skin will be a thing of the past! The Cocoa Butter & Oat Milk Body Wash gives you the feeling of quickly hydrated skin and helps you start the year on the right foot. This creamy composition melts into a buttery lather, leaving your skin feeling soft, supple, and attractive.

Photo Courtesy of Caress


Billie’s Whipped Shave Cream

It’s no wonder that Billie’s Shave Cream is described as a cloud-like cream if you’ve ever tried it. The Whipped Shave Cream is a lightly whipped texture shaving cream that is now available in two scents:…

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