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NFL Week 14: 4 burning questions we’re watching for


NFL Week 14: 4 burning questions we’re watching for

Welcome to Week 14 gang. We’re deep in the race to the playoffs and everything is in flux. At this point we have the top of the conferences more or less set, with some minor changes potentially occurring — but we know who the elite are.

The big shift has been with once-dominant teams now struggling to find their footing again, risking tumbling out of the playoffs all together. Meanwhile bubble teams are playing some of the best ball in the league, and looking to find a way in.

Will the Bills continue their plummet?

Buffalo has lost three of its last five games against a schedule that has not been tremendously difficult. The Bills have gone from absolute locks to win the AFC East, to seeing the Patriots challenge them, now they’re looking up as they sit 7th in the conference with an increasing risk they could be bounced out of the playoffs all together.

To make matters worse, this week the Bills face the Buccaneers, in their biggest test next to a second game against the Patriots. The alarming thing about the Buffalo defense is that they were prepared for Bill Belichick and the Patriots to run the ball all game, but simply couldn’t stop them. Now they’re facing Tom Brady and one of the best passing attacks in the NFL, so it’s another defensive test.

Deep down I know the Bills are good enough to make the playoffs, and likely make another deep run. However, this team needs to stop beating itself and get back to showing the potential many believed could carry them to a Super Bowl appearance this season.

Is Washington ready to contend?

The Washington Football Team has been a bright spot in the second half of the season. Ron Rivera’s team is still playing hard, and proving to be a really difficult fight for any team they face.

What I’ve noticed with Washington is that they tend to play up and down to their competition. This isn’t a great quality to have, but when you’re facing the Cowboys in Week 14 it certainly makes the game more interesting.

It would take something ridiculous happening to stop Dallas from winning the AFC East, but Washington is very much in a position where they can earn…

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