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Nick Cannon And Ex-Wife of Former NFL Quarterback Are Expecting A Baby


Nick Cannon And Ex-Wife of Former NFL Quarterback Are Expecting A Baby

Nick Cannon’s loins are at it again. The Wildin’ Out creator is reportedly expecting his eighth child.

The 41-year-old daytime television host and comedian attended what looked like a baby shower on Sunday afternoon in Malibu. The elaborate fiesta also had a gender reveal. The mom-to-be, Breana (Bre) Tiesi, rocked a form-fitting ivory strapless gown that hugged her growing belly. Guests and pink and blue balloons surrounded Nick and Tiesi as he posed in photos nestled with her pregnant belly in his arms. 

Although Nick hasn’t discussed any current relationships, the two looked very cozy as he hugged and caressed the real estate agent.

The gender reveal exposed blue confetti signifying that Tiesi’s unborn child is a boy. 

The news of Nick’s potential eighth child spread quickly on social media, and of course– folks had plenty to say about the professional babymaker.

Nick Cannon when he realizes he hasn’t gotten someone pregnant this month…

— El Maestro (@PittsfallII) January 30, 2022

nick cannon’s master plan

— nick (@yougotdesires) January 30, 2022

At this rate, we’re all gonna be related to Nick Cannon in the future

— Zeke Gonzalez (@zekegonzalez22) January 31, 2022

#NickCannon you get a baby, you get a baby, you get a baby, you get a baby

— Reeshemah G (@ReeshemahG) January 31, 2022

For someone who’s pro black Nick Cannon doesn’t seem to make any blackity black babies 🥴

— Gigiiiiii ✨🇭🇹 (@browngoddessxo) January 31, 2022

nick cannon’s other kids whenever he tells them they’re getting a new sibling:

— alice⁷ ☭ 🥂 ARSD 📌 (@mikrogalaxies) January 31, 2022

In October, Nick appeared on Drink Champs and opened up about his need for breeding and his short-lived vow of celibacy. 

“I’ve always been one of those hopeless romantic types,” he said. “Compared to many, I’m low on the totem pole. I told y’all, I’m celibate right now. I’m going to see if I can make it to…

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