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Nike’s NFT Sneakers for the Metaverse are Selling for $8K


Nike’s NFT Sneakers for the Metaverse are Selling for $8K

A generic Dunk Genesis Cryptokick, with no skin vial attached. There are eight skins which change the appearance of the digital sneaker, some rarer than others. 


Whether you believe in the metaverse or not, a few companies are betting it’s the future. Nike is one of them. Last December the athletic wear company bought RTFKT (“artifact”), a virtual sneaker designer, in the hopes of planting its foot squarely in the metaverse. That purchase is now paying dividends. 

Over the weekend RTFKT and Nike dropped the Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks, a collection of 20,000 NFT sneakers. Since the virtual sneakers launched, crypto punters have been buying them for between $7,500 and $9,000 (2.5 to 3 ether). Their appearance can be changed with digital vials, which are themselves going for a minimum of $2,500 (0.8 ether). 

Some vials are more common than others, and Cryptokicks equipped with rare skins have gone for vast sums. This pair, for instance, sold for $133,000 (45 ether). One Alien vial, the rarest in the set, sold for $449,000 (150 ether). RTFKT says holders can perform certain online quests that will “evolve” the skins. 

A Dunk Genesis Cryptokick with a very rare skin vial attached. This one sold for $133,000.


RTFKT, together with Nike CryptoKicks, introduce the future of Sneakers, powered by Skin Vial tech…

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