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Not So Fast! Wendy Williams Disputes Claims She’s ‘Of Unsound Mind,’ Fires Back At ‘Disgruntled’ Advisor


Not So Fast! Wendy Williams Disputes Claims She’s ‘Of Unsound Mind,’ Fires Back At ‘Disgruntled’ Advisor

It’s no secret popular talk show host Wendy Williams has been publicly struggling with her health issues.

But after her bank, Wells Fargo took up the cause saying that the veteran talk show hostess was being unduly influenced after Williams unsuccessfully tried to get access to her millions, a battle has ensued between the bank and the ailing talk show star, Page Six reports.

This time, Williams is firing back at Wells Fargo and the financial advisor who deemed her an “incapacitated person” after she demanded her accounts be unfrozen.  

The 57-year-old has filed an affidavit with the New York Supreme Court for a temporary restraining order against Wells Fargo, according to the outlet.

Her former Wells Fargo financial adviser Lori Schiller, was fired due to alleged misconduct involving her accounts and claimed Williams was “of unsound mind.”

To that, Williams retaliated, “It appears that Schiller was and is disgruntled by this decision for a potential change in direction, and it saddens me that [Wells Fargo] and I have not been able to resolve this controversy amicably.”

She continued, “For more than two weeks, Wells Fargo has repeatedly denied my requests to access my financial assets, which total over several million dollars,” she continued. “I have submitted multiple written requests to Wells Fargo and I have visited various Wells Fargo branches in the South Florida area in an effort to resolve this matter outside of the courtroom.”

A spokesperson for Wells Fargo denied all allegations in a Feb. 10 statement, asserting that the well-being of their customers is their top priority. 

Williams has not hosted her daytime talk show for almost a year, since July 2021. News of her requiring guardianship emerged as the future of The Wendy Williams Show host remains in limbo.

The embattled TV host has had a myriah of health troubled. She fainted on a live broadcast of her show in 2017, checked into rehab amid a divorce in 2019, and lost her mother in 2020, as well as contracting COVID-19 last year. Now, she’s in the midst of a legal battle to access her millions.

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