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Nzinga Imani : Modern Day Renaissance Woman


Nzinga Imani : Modern Day Renaissance Woman

A creative means of expression in a fulfilling, freeing manner is a satisfying yet gratifying experience for oneself. In the case of actress and creative powerhouse Nzinga Imani, versatility amongst several creative mediums is not only her self-given “norm,” but it is her standard that she has upheld for quite some time now.

Photography by Kaylin James

Starring in BET+ shows such as All the Queen’s Men and Curves, Nzinga Imani has been able to have a solid acting career while also exercising her crafts as a beautician and a fashion designer.

In a virtual conversation from her airy yet serenely decorated home, Nzinga Imani shared details with The Curvy Fashionista (TCF) about her multifaceted career, daily life routines, and future aspirations. 

In Conversation with Nzinga Imani

TCF: Walk me through the mindset of Dawn. What has been your favorite thing about bringing her to life on “All the Queen’s Men?”

Nzinga Imani: “I would have to say that my favorite thing about Dawn was that she had that moment of freedom and just release. To me, she seems like a character who had a lot of stuff going on. She was in an unhappy marriage and finally out. At first, she’s a little timid, and she’s a little scared.

With the help of her friend, she just kind of lets it all go and just has a blast in that particular episode. I cannot wait to see where the story takes her. Hopefully, they’re (BET+) bringing her back, and I can’t wait to see what they do with her character!”

TCF: What are some standard structural concepts that you look to have in your clothing line, “Nimani?”

Nzinga Imani: “For me, it’s about things that can flatter different body types. I like items that have peplums. I like things that show off the assets that I know most plus-size women have, whether it be the chest area or accentuating the waist. I like things that are fun and not basic. I really want to push the idea of staying away from a whole bunch of black clothes or a bunch of clothes where you have to be super modest. I want the brand to represent me and the things that I…

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