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Old Widow Pays for Poor Man’s Groceries and Notices He’s a Carbon Copy of Her Late Spouse — Story of the Day


Old Widow Pays for Poor Man’s Groceries and Notices He’s a Carbon Copy of Her Late Spouse — Story of the Day

An elderly widow offers to pay for a poor man’s groceries, but things take an unexpected turn when she examines his face closely and realizes he resembles her late husband!

It was a cold wintry morning in Sunnyvale, California when Dorothy Baker left her house for a trip to a nearby grocery store. 

Dorothy, who is 85 years old, had recently lost her husband, Edward. The man was an archeologist who was usually away from home for work, and on the day Dorothy found out he’d died, he’d said he’d be late from work. Little did the woman know he’d never return.

Dorothy met her husband’s look-alike at a grocery store | Photo: Shutterstock

Edward wasn’t a great man by nature because he was impatient and had a bad temper, but thanks to Dorothy’s sweet demeanor, the couple had managed to keep their relationship harmonious despite being childless.

Dorothy couldn’t have children and had suggested to Edward that they adopt and raise them as their own, but the man was adamant about raising his blood, so they decided that just the two of them would suffice.

As a result, Dorothy was devastated when Edward died of a heart attack. Edward was the only one she had in the entire world, and after his death, their home was always silent and sad.

“Perhaps I should have been more adamant about adopting children. At the very least, I wouldn’t feel so alone,” the elderly woman often reflected.

Dorothy was devastated after Edward’s death | Photo: Shutterstock

Dorothy didn’t eat for several days after Edward left for his heavenly home. She’d been so depressed about losing him that she never left her room. But one day, when she was feeling extremely weak and tired, she decided to cook for herself.

Unfortunately, a quick glance in the fridge revealed that the groceries had run out, and she’d need to go to the store.

Dorothy took an Uber because she was too tired to walk and arrived at Rancher’s Daily Store a few minutes later. The woman dashed inside to the milk carton aisle when she overheard a man conversing with his children.

“I’m sorry, Mark,” the man said. “Daddy promises that he’ll get you chocolates the next time.”

“No, daddy!” retorted his…

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