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OMG, I Want to Rent That House: Joshua Tree, CA


OMG, I Want to Rent That House: Joshua Tree, CA

Invisible House, Joshua Tree, CA (Vrbo): Only ten minutes from the town of Joshua Tree is a 5,500-square-foot home that both embraces the desert and is inspired by big city living. On a clear day, on a stormy day—on any day really—it can be hard to distinguish between this one-of-a-kind vacation home and its surroundings. Inspired by the look of the glass used in skyscrapers, this might just be the closest we’re going to get to an invisibility-cloaked home until that magical tech is actually invented.

The beauty of streamlining the shape of your home—for instance, choosing to make it the housing equivalent of a stretch Hummer limo—is that you have space to add one long, 100-foot swimming pool, making this a holiday home fit for an Olympian… or just a crew who likes to party without being exposed to the direct desert sun.

Perhaps one of the reasons the Invisible House makes such a dramatic impression is that it is the brainchild of Chris Hanley, a film producer responsible for such movies as The Virgin Suicides, American Psycho, and Spring Breakers, and architect Tomas Osinski, whose past collaborators have included Frank Gehry.

Because of its Hollywood pedigree it is touted as both a great vacation for your friends and family and as the perfect spot to host a gathering or film that one special desert scene. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s been featured in all the top travel and design mags—Departures, Dezeen… TMZ!

The main house has three massive bedroom suites with very artsy beds. This master room is showing off its solid-glass, Italian-designed structure, while the other two have sleeping thrones made entirely of marble. We know what you’re thinking: looks cute, but how could it possibly be comfortable? Never fear, we have the magic words to calm your nerves—Tempur-Pedic mattresses and Frette linens.

The glass theme is gorgeous, but is the glass-on-glass in the bathroom taking things a little too far? Rest assured, the exterior of this home is a bit like the gleaming black Escalades favored by celebs with bodyguards the world over: you can see out, but the normies outside of…

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