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On Her Wedding Day, Woman Gets Hundreds of Letters from Her Late Mom 23 Years after Her Death — Story of the Day


On Her Wedding Day, Woman Gets Hundreds of Letters from Her Late Mom 23 Years after Her Death — Story of the Day

A bride received an unexpected gift on her wedding day when she checked her phone a few hours before the ceremony and discovered nearly hundreds of emails from her late mother who died 23 years ago.

Eva Lawson had never known what it was like to be loved and cared for until she met the love of her life, Keith Jones. Keith, a dashing California businessman, had stopped by her cafe for a caramel latte when he offered to pay for a homeless woman’s lunch.

When he approached the counter to pay the bill, her eyes locked with his, and it was at that moment both of them knew they had found “THE ONE.”

Six months later, when Eva looked at herself in the mirror, dressed to the nines in her wedding gown, her eyes began tearing up. She’d hoped for a long time to have a family, someone who would love and care for her – something she’d never had as a child. And that was finally happening.

Eva was getting married to the love of her life | Photo: Shutterstock

Eva was only five when her mother Amelia passed away, so she had few memories of her. She did, however, recall how she had felt during the days her mother was in the hospital.

Amelia had been diagnosed with cancer and was hospitalized for several months. Eva had cried and begged to see her mother during those days, but Amelia said she didn’t want to see her.

As a child, Eva always wondered why her mother didn’t want her near her in her final days. Maybe she hated me from the start because she never wanted me. Perhaps that’s why daddy never told me why she didn’t want to see me when she was sick, she reasoned.

In fact, when she grew up and started visiting her mother’s grave once a month, she sat there for hours just talking to her about why she had pushed her away from her life.

“Hi, mom,” she’d say. “I’m here again. It’s just another day of dad and I not talking to each other. I wonder if he still remembers he has a daughter. So are you also upset with me? Are you still not going to talk to me? I am certainly angry with you, mom, because you left me all alone. But somewhere deep down, I still want you. I don’t know why, but….” And this way, the conversation would go…

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