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Orlando Bloom’s Gross Floss Habit Must End


Orlando Bloom’s Gross Floss Habit Must End

Katy Perry recently revealed a startling piece of information about partner Orlando Bloom. During an interview with U.K. radio show Heart Breakfast this week, Perry was asked what Bloom’s “worst habit” was. And it turns out the actor engages in a highly questionable—okay, we’re just gonna be real: super gross—ritual surrounding his oral health. 

It actually started out pretty positive. “He loves to floss,” Perry said. “Which, thank God, because some partners don’t, and it’s disgusting. He has brilliant teeth.” Indeed, daily flossing is crucial for good oral health because it cleans out particles of food and bacteria that can get stuck between teeth and potentially lead to serious issues like gum inflammation, bad breath, plaque build-up, and cavities, as SELF has explained. So we’re sure Bloom’s dentist is very happy with him. 

But there’s a shudder-inducing dark side to Bloom’s good habit. “He leaves the floss everywhere,” Perry said. As in, used floss. Perry is living in a world where there are used strands of floss “on the side of my bed, and in the car, and on the kitchen table,” she said. “I’m like, there [are] bins everywhere.” How could this nightmare happen? Imagine, if you will, Orlando Bloom finishing up a flossing session and deciding, “I’m going to leave this right here on the kitchen table.” Now imagine, for a moment, the look of horror on Katy Perry’s face as she sits down for breakfast only to discover a frayed, stinky, saliva-crusted strand of dental floss with little bits of food debris hanging off of it. 

Now, look: A lot of us probably have weird, unseemly little habits, or repeatedly do things that annoy our partner. Maybe you clip your toenails in the bedroom or try to be a good partner by fishing your hair out of the drain only to routinely leave the slimy clump sitting on the side of the shower. We’re sure that Bloom has a number of redeeming qualities that balance out this extremely gross one—like those gorgeous pearly whites and being an “incredible” parent, in Perry’s words. But we must defend the right of partners everywhere to live in a home that is not…

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