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Paula’s Choice Sale Discount Codes 2022


Paula’s Choice Sale Discount Codes 2022

I’ve been a fan of Paula’s Choice’s clinical-forward skincare line for as long as I can remember. I first discovered the brand while researching some of the active ingredients commonly found in anti-aging formulas when I stumbled upon the now frequently referenced Skin Care Ingredients Dictionary, where you can look up just about any active (and non-active, for that matter) to learn what it is and what it does for/to the skin.

Anyway, it was only after I began to reference this splendid resource on the regular (it was a huge help during my early days writing about beauty) that I was introduced to Paula’s Choice by a dermatologist who recommended the BHA Exfoliant for my congested pores and budding crow’s feet (a staple I still use almost every single day)—and I’m certainly not alone—Paula Choice’s research-backed, no-frills formulas have earned the seal of approval by thousands of derms, estheticians, and more recently, skin-fluencers.

While I’ve always felt that all of Paula’s Choice’s products are fairly priced, they rarely go on sale, which is why it’s important to restock your stash while you can get tons of best-sellers and Internet-famous formulas for 20 percent off—a.k.a. NOW. Right now, you can shop Paula’s Choice skincare on sale with an exclusive discount code through February 13. This exclusive promo code, of course, is valid on a slew of the brand’s most coveted products, including the cult-favorite Skin Perfect 2% BHA Liquid exfoliant and the Acne Body Spray (a godsend for butt acne, bacne, and yes, boob acne).

All you have to do to get your 20 percent off is enter the discount code NARRATIV20 at checkout. Whether you’re looking to replenish your everyday go-to’s, stock up backups while they’re steeply discounted, or have been meaning to try Paula’s Choice products after seeing the never-ending array of glowing reviews on the Internet, now’s the time to take the plunge while their entire product range is on sale (a rare, rare, occasion.) Scroll through below to check out some of my personal favorites along with some of Paulas’s Choice’s best-selling formulas below.

Skin Perfect 2% BHA…

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