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Pfizer Recalls Some Batches of Its Blood Pressure Medication


Pfizer Recalls Some Batches of Its Blood Pressure Medication

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Pfizer issued a recall Friday for select lots of Accupril, the name brand for Quinapril HCL tablets used to treat high blood pressure. 

The specific batches contain higher-than-acceptable amounts of nitrosamines, impurities sometimes found in some foods and drugs that may raise the risk of cancer in higher levels over a long period of time. 

The recalled tablets (10, 20 or 40 micrograms in 90-count bottles) were distributed from December 2019 through April 2022. Lot numbers and expiration dates of the affected tablets can be found on the recall announcement, also posted by US Food and Drug Administration. Patients taking Accupril should contact their doctor or pharmacist to see if they have the recalled medication. 

If you have the recalled tablets, consult with your doctor about alternative treatment options, Pfizer said. According to the American Heart Association, you should never stop taking your blood pressure medication or change doses without consulting with your doctor first. Uncontrolled high blood pressure (hypertension) can lead to heart disease and stroke.  

Pfizer said in the announcement that it isn’t aware of any adverse events related to the recalled tablets, and that the benefits of the medication (controlling blood pressure) are still believed to outweigh the risks. While nitrosamines may be linked to cancer risk in higher levels, the impurities are also commonly found in foods including some dairy products, meats and vegetables. 

The concern is higher-than-acceptable levels being consumed over long periods of time, which has prompted the FDA to further investigate and test…

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