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Philly DA Larry Krasner and the Real Justice PAC Founded by Shaun King Fucked Around and Found Out—Again


Philly DA Larry Krasner and the Real Justice PAC Founded by Shaun King Fucked Around and Found Out—Again

Another election, another bust for Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner and the Real Justice PAC founded by Shaun King in 2018.

King doesn’t run Real Justice, but he co-founded it, frequently touts it and is listed on its “the team” page, so when it runs into trouble on its only winning campaign of the year, it’s another black eye for the activist who has frequently been accused of playing things fast and loose.

After agreeing to a settlement with the Board of Ethics of the City of Philadelphia in 2019 for their violations of campaign finance laws during the 2017 campaign, the DA and the PAC are being fined again, for the same things: Admitting to violations including misstatements and missions in campaign finance reports.

The violations include some of the same characters who were caught last time–including Brandon Evans, who served as both the PAC’s political director and Krasner’s campaign manager. The Ethics Board fined both the campaign and Real Justice for failing to make it transparent to the public that, in fact, the campaign manager wasn’t actually part of Krasner’s campaign staff—rather, the campaign was paying the PAC for consulting services, while the PAC employed Evans.

“There was no way for the public to know how the Krasner campaign was paying the PAC for staff, including its campaign manager Brandon Evans, and for other services,” Ethics Board Executive Director Shane Creamer told The Philadelphia Inquirer. “The disclosure errors by both the PAC and the Krasner campaign combined to cause a lack of public transparency about how the embedded staffers were being paid.”

That lack of transparency isn’t new. The Daily Beast reported in May on the entangled, questionable relationship between the PAC and Krasner’s campaign, which has now led to both parties getting hit with higher fines this time around ($30,000 for Real Justice, and $10,000 for Krasner’s campaign) as repeat offenders. But of course, that’s just money, and the election and the damage have been done.

When The Daily Beast spoke with David Mitrani, an attorney for Real Justice PAC, in May, he said that…

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