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Please, please, please let’s all commit to no more Ben Roethlisberger than absolutely necessary


Please, please, please let’s all commit to no more Ben Roethlisberger than absolutely necessary

Buh-bye.Image: Getty Images

The word cloud was way too much.

Ben Roethlisberger’s career is likely over, and of course NFL broadcasters were going to give him a figurative standing ovation on his way out. The Monday Night Football crew gushed over him all throughout what is believed to be his final game at home for the Pittsburgh Steelers, earlier this month. The football lifers, specifically Brian Griese, glossed over past allegations of sexual assault as “mistakes,” and he was given a send off fit for a star, because he is an NFL star who will likely give a Hall of Fame speech one day.

Then NBC went way too far last night during the Steelers Wild-Card loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. The game was over following the Chiefs’ opening drive of the third quarter when they took a 28-7 lead, on their way to a 42-21 victory. With the game out of reach so early, there was a lot of time to be filled with conversation in the broadcast. Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth could have had a discussion about how the Chiefs energize their fans by having someone bang a mock Native American drum, that leads the crowd in that chant that Atlanta Braves fans were criticized for using during their World Series run.

Having that conversation, and possibly throwing it down to Michele Tafoya, was obviously not a good idea, so Michaels and Collinsworth decided to gush over Roethlisberger for a bit. It was annoying, but they’re football people so it was expected. Then NBC decided to go further than everyone else did in their praise of Roethlisberger’s career. They went with a word cloud of Roethlisberger superlatives.

For real though, this was thought to be a good idea? I’m sure there are people in the NFL who feel this way, or at least were willing to say these wonderful things when asked about Roethlisberger and had no desire to bring up those sexual assault allegations, or any of his other past indiscretions. That doesn’t mean an attention-grabbing graphic needs to be made about it. By putting that graphic up during a national broadcast it’s commending him for being a great person as much as a great football player, and…

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