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Poor Girl Is Deprived of Her House Not Knowing It Had a Hidden Cellar Inside – Story of the Day


Poor Girl Is Deprived of Her House Not Knowing It Had a Hidden Cellar Inside – Story of the Day

A poor girl named Cindy had no choice but to let go of her house after being in debt for years. However, she was called back to the property after the builders found a hidden cellar inside. 

Cindy had to live independently at the age of 20 after her parents died in a car accident two years prior. While they left her with their house, they also left her with a lot of debt to pay for. 

In order not to be chased by loan sharks, she dropped out of school and started working to pay off her parents’ debts. Unfortunately, no matter how hard she worked, it wasn’t enough, and one day, the court seized her property. Cindy was in tears, as she had nowhere to go. 

There was a hatch in the basement that Cindy wasn’t aware of. | Source: Imagebb

Her friend, Amara, saw the whole ordeal and rushed to Cindy’s side. “I’m sorry this is happening to you, Cindy,” she said, embracing her friend. “You can stay at my apartment for the time being,” Amara offered. 

“Thank you, Amara. I appreciate this a lot,” Cindy sobbed. That day, Amara helped Cindy pack her things as the officials who evicted her said the new owner of the property wanted to have it fixed right away. 

While fixing her things, the new owner of the property suddenly arrived. He acted very arrogantly, laughing at Cindy as she dumped her things into boxes. “Ah, finally. I can get rid of this ugly house and build a nice modern mansion. This house stood out like a sore thumb in this neighborhood,” he said, looking down at Cindy. 

The new owner was accompanied by the builders he hired to demolish Cindy’s house. Unlike the owner, they felt bad for Cindy, who was kicked out of the only home she’s ever known. 

Cindy was heartbroken having to let go of her home. | Source: Pexels

To make her feel better, one of them decided to speak up. “This is actually quite a nice house. It was built well, and it’s one of the first properties to be built in this town. It’s a pity we’re demolishing it,” he said. 

The new owner shot him a look and shrugged. “Eh, just get to work as soon as they’re gone,” he said before leaving the property. 

After a couple of minutes, Cindy took one last…

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