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Porsha Williams’ Cousin Alleges That Dennis McKinley Assaulted Her


Porsha Williams’ Cousin Alleges That Dennis McKinley Assaulted Her

Where is the love?! If you haven’t been keeping up with Porsha Williams’ show on Bravo, ‘Porsha Family Matters,’ you can be thankful to the folks on Twitter for keeping tabs on what’s going on. Last night the show was trending after several people talked about moments on the recent episode, including an altercation with Porsha and her ex-fiancé Dennis McKinley while in Mexico. Porsha had to be held back from Dennis in the clip as fists began to swing.

It appears moments before the altercation, an argument occured after Dennis was called out for cheating on Porsha when the two were together. While it’s unclear who swung first, it didn’t stop folks from discussing who was at fault. One tweeted, “So ya’ll ain’t see Dennis lunge and put his hand on them, but ya’ll blaming Porsha?” Another tweeted, “Now why did Porsha swing on Dennis?”

The drama wasn’t over there. It was only beginning. Shortly after the clip trended, Porsha’s cousin Storm, also featured on the show, took the time to make serious allegations against Dennis on Twitter. She tweeted and called him out for allegedly assaulting her in Mexico and sexually harassing her when she was his former employee. “Dennis is a pedophile. I was 18/19 back when I worked for him and he sexually harassed me the entire time I worked in his establishments. I am a lesbian. We did not ever see each other outside of work & I have messages. Stop the ca. Nobody wants his fat a*s #PorshasFamilyMatters,” she wrote.

Storm wasn’t finished there. She shared photos of the alleged abuse and even went live on Instagram, declaring that she wouldn’t be silenced. Currently, neither Porsha nor Dennis has addressed Storm’s claims. Roommates, what do yall think about all this?

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