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Principal Of LeBron James’ I Promise School Resigns After Allegedly Slapping Student In The Face


Principal Of LeBron James’ I Promise School Resigns After Allegedly Slapping Student In The Face

I Promise School located in Akron, Ohio, Principal Brandi Davis has resigned after a shocking accusation. An investigation begin into Davis back in September after she was alleged of slapping an 11-year-old student in the face for cussing. The mother of the student released a statement to The Beacon Journal after the incident, alleging that her son “had a busted lip and was bleeding.” The student at the school supported by the LeBron James Family Foundation was reportedly wearing a mask over his face when the principal hit  him.

The victim’s mother said in late September, that she got a text message from Davis in the afternoon stating that she had slapped her son for using profanity after she approached him and a group of boys about a mess they left in the bathrooms. After the incident, the student’s mother said she allegedly asked Davis why she would put her hands on her child, to which the now-former principal said that she had “just reacted and slapped him.”

Davis has been an educator with the Akron Public School district for more than 20 years and was respected throughout the community. According to the victim’s mother, the incident was shocking. “We looked at you all as family,” she said.  The school is currently in its fourth year of operation and was created to help “at-risk” students in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

The school released a statement following the incident detailing their commitment to the Akron education system.

“We are family, and that means we support every one of our I PROMISE educators, students, and family members through anything they may be going through,” the statement said. “In this and in every case, we will always do everything we can to make sure all are loved and supported during these times as we learn and grow as a family.”

The investigation is currently pending, but Davis could face more repercussions.

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