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PVAMU students come back from winter break to discover multiple burglaries at on-campus housing


PVAMU students come back from winter break to discover multiple burglaries at on-campus housing

Students attending Prairie View A&M University an Historically Black College and University returned back to campus to find several on-campus housing apartments burglarized and ransacked over winter break ABC 13 reported.

According to the university the break-ins took place around Dec. 10 when students left for break. Taunicia Cobbin, a sophomore at the school talked to the news station.

“I was excited to go back and chill in my room. Hang out with my friends and wait until school starts. Now, I’m thinking about the hours of cleaning, picking up, and seeing what was taken,” Cobbin said.

Cobbin saw what happened to her apartment in a video her friend sent.

At least 15 apartments at University Village, the on-campus housing, were burglarized. Doors were broken open, rooms were ransacked, and shoes and clothes were stolen according to ABC 13.

Sophomore Taylor Smith, believes she loss at $5,000.

“My door, the lock was totally torn apart. Everything underneath my bed was pulled out. All my shoe boxes. Shoes missing. Clothes missing. My room was totally destroyed,” Smith said.

The students at school are frustrated and say they expect better, not only when it comes to security, but also in the manner they found out.

“I think the university needs to do a better job to prevent this from happening,” said Smith.

“We didn’t get any information on this or hear anything until I got on Twitter and posted it,” Cobbins’ mother, Nina Stewart, said.

In a statement, the university said, in part, all students were “promptly notified” and “there is a security guard at the front of the gate 24/7,” checking IDs.

Cobbin’s mother said she still has security concerns and feels uneasy about sending her daughter back to school.

“Doors are off the hinges. You can see wood broken, and I don’t want my child staying at some place like that. What if they come back again? We don’t know who did this and why they did it,” Stewart told ABC13.

Prairie View A & M University released the following statement:

“As of January 6, Prairie View A&M University has 15 reported…

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