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Rafael Nadal Preps for the Australian Open Wearing His Signature Million-Dollar Watch


Rafael Nadal Preps for the Australian Open Wearing His Signature Million-Dollar Watch

This week’s best watches pose an interesting question: why don’t more athletes wear watches during a game? Lots of reasons, of course, including the fact that it’s uncomfortable to have a big chunk of steel on your wrist when you’re swinging a driver, the potential dangers to other players in contact sports, and the fact that it’s often against the rules. But that, of course, just makes the athletes who do wear their watches to work—not to mention the pieces themselves—all the more noteworthy. No one understands this better than Richard Mille, who has outfitted everyone from Bubba Watson to Usain Bolt in brightly-coloured quartz and carbon timepieces that cost as much as a starter home. As patently bonkers as Mille’s creations are, however, none is more impressive than the namesake watch worn by Rafael Nadal when he clinched the Melbourne Summer Set in Australia this week. Plus, Andre Iguodala and Steph Curry’s pre-game face-off.

Darrian Traynor

Rafael Nadal’s Richard Mille RM 27-04

The steel cable strung across the RM 27-04’s face isn’t just a cool look, it’s actually a vital design element. In addition to evoking the strings of a racket, the fine mesh acts as a suspension system, cushioning the movement against impacts and allowing the watch to withstand accelerations of over 12,000 g’s—which is approximately 11,997 more g’s than astronauts experience during liftoff—without losing a beat.

Noah Graham

Steph Curry’s Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium

In addition to a robust selection of Rolexes and Cartiers, the Warriors MVP has a proven eye for unusual variants of popular sports watches, from the Panerai Luminor to this edition of Hublot’s Classic Fusion chronograph. Using the first Hublot model from 1980 as its starting point, the Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Titanium 45mm brings the design into the 21st century with a full-titanium case and bracelet and a cutaway dial—the perfect way to complement your favorite Klay Thompson jersey. 

Noah Graham

Andre Iguodala’s Rolex Deepsea “D-Blue”

Along with the two-tone Submariner Steph Curry gave him a few weeks…

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