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Rand Paul Shivs Anthony Fauci Again as Democats Deliver Dumb Speeches at Senate COVID Hearing


Rand Paul Shivs Anthony Fauci Again as Democats Deliver Dumb Speeches at Senate COVID Hearing

Sen. Rand Paul, who’s made a sport of hunting Dr. Anthony Fauci, really stuck the shiv in at the Senate COVID hearing on Tuesday. It can hardly get more personal than asking Fauci if he thinks it’s “appropriate to use your $420,000 salary to smear scientists who don’t agree with you?” Paul kept at it, describing how eminent the scientists were, without naming them, waving emails he said would prove his point.

There was more—Paul’s questioning went on for about ten minutes, twice as long as allowed, and he didn’t so much ask questions as call the doctor reprehensible, among other epithets, while ignoring the other expert witnesses. Listening to Paul, I understood why his next door-neighbor finally hauled off and attacked him.

As Sen. Patty Murray inexplicably let Paul go on for twice his allowed time, only invoking the rules to give Fauci about two minutes to answer over eight minutes of what would otherwise have been an uninterrupted monologue, the doctor cut to the chase, saying that Paul’s continued lies about him “kindled the crazies” to the point where the police, in a routine stop for speeding, came upon one of the crazies driving from Sacramento to Washington with an AR-15 and ammo and a plan to kill Fauci. He waved his own piece of paper from Paul’s website with the message “Fire Dr. Fauci” used to solicit donations.

The next Democrat up, Sen. Chris Murphy, could have used his five minutes to call Paul to account or give Fauci time to speak without interruption. Instead, Murphy congratulated Fauci for defending himself–“not always an easy thing to do,” he said. He then moved on to his list of prepared questions.

Why would he do that? Because they all do. There’s plenty of time to coordinate beforehand—to split up the duties, agree on the points that need to be made, establish an order of battle. But members of both parties largely read from their notes, written by an aide. Paul could have burst into song and the instinct would be to keep reading off notes in front of them, when the instinct should be to challenge the phony claims about Fauci.

One smart thing Democrats…

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