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Rich Woman Divides $50M Million Fortune, Daughter Who Worked as Waitress Gets the Least


Rich Woman Divides $50M Million Fortune, Daughter Who Worked as Waitress Gets the Least

An unemployed single mother of three is left shattered after her wealthy mom declared the fate of her $50M fortune. Her daughter later has a word in private with her.

A 54-year-old mother turned to the internet for help to bring back the broken pieces of her family together after her surprise inheritance announcement bombed the serenity in her family.

Redditor throwRa_inheritance credited her eldest daughter to be the pivotal reason for her heartbreak and sought advice on Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” sub. She explained why the daughter whom she always favored above her three kids was hell-bent on cutting her off from her life after she declared the contents of her will.

The mom decided to split her $50M fortune among her 4 children | Source: Shutterstock

The Original Poster (OP)’s eldest daughter became a single mother at 16. For this reason, OP always prioritized her and recalled spending more on her than her other children. From providing child support and rent-free accommodation to getting her kids expensive gadgets, OP did her best to help her daughter without expecting to be repaid. 

Meanwhile, OP wanted to decide the fate of her legacy so that all her children got what they truly deserved. She said she was just 54 and healthy but still wanted to sort her will early so that her children don’t have a significant fallout after her passing.

OP decided to slice her wealth and assets among her four kids and arranged a virtual meeting. She assured them she would amend the will depending on unforeseen and future situations. She then disclosed the will as the children eagerly listened, not to mention they were all excited at this point.

OP virtually disclosed the fate of her fortune to her children | Source: Pexels

The mom first proclaimed that 12% of her wealth would be set aside for various charities. Her two sons, aged 26 and 23, would get 22% and 26% percent of the remaining money, respectively. As for her youngest daughter, OP said she would get 22%.

She explained that her third son would be inheriting more since he never planned to have kids. She also clarified that since she’d spent over a million on…

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