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Samsung’s C-Lab program brings dehumidifier earbuds to CES 2022


Samsung’s C-Lab program brings dehumidifier earbuds to CES 2022

For CES 2022, Samsung revealed a new C-Lab startup lineup that includes pet and baby tech with a spin on promoting additional wearable tech promoting safety features.

The C-Lab is divided into both C-Lab Inside — an “in-house venture program” and C-Lab Outside — Samsung’s “startup acceleration program.” Established in 2012, the C-Lab Inside incubation program encourages employees to venture out and work on experimental projects. The program expanded in 2018, creating the C-Lab Outside program. Four inside programs were set to exhibit at CES 2022, with projects ranging from test-taking technology and infant health tech.

Out of those featured, here are some that stood out:

DearBuds (Outside): Bluetooth earbud-like ear device that tracks ear humidity. In addition to tracking, the technology inside of the device can clear your ear by releasing light and heat to dehumidify your ear canal. The case that holds the ear devices provides a reading of how humid your ears are.

Linkface Co. Ltd’s DearBuds

Image: Samsung

Innovision (Inside): An app designed to help monitor eye development in infants and potential symptoms of strabismus, an eye misalignment.

Innovision mobile app

Image: Samsung

Prinker Korea, Inc. (Outside): A mobile app and device combined experience that will allow you to create a temporary tattoo simply by choosing the design on your phone, spraying primer on your skin, and printing it on your skin.


Image: Samsung

Petnow (Outside): A doggy biometrics app that lets you use your dog’s nose print to identify them. The app is said to relieve owners of “the worry” of tracking inserts like chips.

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