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Say What!? Middle School Offers Shapewear to Female Students to Address ‘Body Image’ Concerns


Say What!? Middle School Offers Shapewear to Female Students to Address ‘Body Image’ Concerns

Curvy besties, we have endured a lot of ignorance, but this one takes the cake. Southaven Middle School in Mississippi sent letters out to students’ parents requesting permission to offer the middle school girls shapewear.

Yes! You read that title correctly and on Betty White’s good internet *inserts look…you know the look*.

“Why Do Girls Suffer From Body Image?”

On Tuesday, Southaven Middle School sent out a letter about helping girls “develop a healthy body image.” And their solution…shapewear! The letter gave the parents a choice to opt-in for body image literature, shapewear, bras, and other health products.

Parents were furious, and rightfully so! Ashley Heun’s read the letter several times to make sure she read it correctly. Yes, Ms. Heun, they went there! She immediately took to her Twitter to display her disgust. And you all know mamas don’t play about their babies! And I wouldn’t either.

This is what was sent home with my 8th grade daughter at Southaven Middle School. All girls were sent home with this letter. I’m appalled at the fact that they are trying to fix ‘negative body image’ by sending home SHAPEWEAR! @cory_uselton @TweetDCS @DCSNews @SouthavenMiddle

-Ashley Heun writes on her twitter account, @ashleyheun

The principal immediately responded and apologized. In addition, the school decided to cancel the program. Anybody else shocked?

From Shapewear to Self-Love

Every time I read headlines like this, I wonder, is there no one on the side to reel in the stupidity? Young girls suffer from “negative body image(s);” therefore, let’s slap a girdle on the problem. Perfect solution Jan, what’s next?

Why was shapewear one of the first suggestions for dealing with body images? Now, I know it can help suck and tuck you in, but why would anyone want girls to go through that? If anything, I think it would lower girls’ self-esteem, and they would ultimately become dependent on it to feel beautiful. What’s next waist trainers?

I am all for wanting to smooth out a roll or two for an event, but I am also 31 years old…

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