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Shawn Mendes Has Mastered Beach Hair


Shawn Mendes Has Mastered Beach Hair

This is Grooming Gods, a tour of the best and wildest grooming out there this week. 



Shawn Mendes 

Hair product is great, but sometimes there’s nothing like salt water. 


Barry Gossage

Chris Paul and Cameron Johnson

When you think of NBA beards, you probably jump to LeBron or James Harden, but CP3 has a sneakily-great one this year. (Here he’s presumably congratulating his young teammate on that afro.) 




Gunna’s fits get the most attention, but in honor of DS4Ever, let’s take a moment to appreciate those light-colored twists. 


Bart Young

Jordan Clarkson 

Braids this powerful need a lot of headband to keep them contained. 



Kanye West 

Come for the wold-historic mean mug, stay for the goatee. 



Luka Sabbat 

Bare chest, big locs: that’s the energy you need to be bringing into 2022. 

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