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Single Gay Man Adopts Girl with Down Syndrome after She Was Rejected by 20 Families


Single Gay Man Adopts Girl with Down Syndrome after She Was Rejected by 20 Families

A little girl with Down Syndrome, whose birth mother abandoned her as a newborn, got the chance to experience a happier life after a 41-year-old single gay man adopted her.

When baby Alba was abandoned by her birth mother and rejected by several adoptive families in her first month on earth due to her health condition, it appeared as though her fate was uncertain.

However, her life would take a significant turn for the better when a single gay man, Luca Trapanese, came into her life. The man adopted the little girl, despite her having Down Syndrome. Here’s the touching story of Alba and her adoptive father.

Luca Trapanese feeding baby Alba after adoption her [left] Luca Trapanese and Alba few years later [right] | Photo :


The gay man living in Nepal, Italy, had wanted a family for the longest time. But when he and his long-term partner broke up, it seemed like his dream would never come through. Then, Alba came into his life.

In 2017, Trapanese received a call from an adoption agency, informing him that he had been matched with a newborn girl, Alba, who has Down Syndrome. She was only 13 days old, and 20 families had turned down the offer to foster or adopt the little girl.

However, Trapanese fell in love with Alba when he saw her. He held her in his arms for the first time and was overcome with joy. The single man told Bored Panda that at that moment, he felt the little girl was his daughter already.

Although the man loved Alba instantly, he was frightened to hold a newborn. Carrying the little girl was the first time Trapanese had ever held a newborn, but as soon as Alba was in his arms, he was convinced that he was ready for fatherhood.

Eventually, Trapanese brought his baby home and introduced her to his family and friends. He joked about his two mothers constantly correcting him on how to hold a baby. The man said the women were very caring and looked after Alba with much love.

The process was no small feat as Italy’s adoption policies are one of the strictest in Europe. Surrogacy is illegal and gay parents cannot be listed as co-parents on birth…

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