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Spider-Man: No Way Home — Our 10 biggest WTF questions


Spider-Man: No Way Home — Our 10 biggest WTF questions

Wait. How does the forgetting spell work?


The ending can be explained, we can review the whole thing and we can talk about what on Earth the golden ratio is. But there are some questions Spider-Man: No Way Home poses that, for better or worse, keep the mind boggling.

If you, too, found yourself wondering why no one will talk about a certain universe’s Uncle Ben or how the ongoing logistics of some of the flick’s plot devices work, you’re not alone.

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Let’s dive into all the big questions Spider-Man: No Way Home left us hanging on. (Note: We don’t necessarily have any answers.)

1. Villains reformed


When the villains were sent back to their own universes, did they go to the incidents where they would have died (but then events played out differently)? Or did they return at the same points where the Peter Parkers left (years after their deaths) and have to resume their old lives?

If it’s the former, then events in those timelines would have changed wildly. Norman Osborn would be alive after the events of 2002’s…

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