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Stan Kroenke or Mike Brown will win a Super Bowl


Stan Kroenke or Mike Brown will win a Super Bowl

Stan Kroenke and Roger Goodell are among the people NFL fans will likely boo on Sunday.Image: Getty Images

Mere mention of the names Stan Kroenke and Mike Brown, owners of the two NFL teams facing off in the Super Bowl on Sunday, triggers largely negative emotions from fans of teams they own. (LA Rams fans are nihilists, dude, so discount them.) Talk to Bengals fans, former St. Louis Rams fans, Arsenal fans, or any fans of Kroenke’s other franchises, and the feedback ranges from unmitigated rage to shake-inducing despair.

Cincinnati doesn’t have an outdoor practice facility, and Los Angeles can’t keep opposing fans from overrunning their stadium, so it’s not like they’ve all of the sudden figured it out and should be puff-pieced to death. It will be nice to see a fan base who has never won a Super Bowl get to celebrate one, but the prospect of seeing either Brown or Kroenke hoist the Lombardi Trophy after they’ve repeatedly tied their own fans to train tracks is depressing.

It’s like finding out that guy who was a dick in high school won a Pulitzer, or that girl who cheated on you in college is married to Daniel Craig. If you want proof that God doesn’t exist, one of these two buffoons winning a title is as good a sign as there is.

As a Kroenke hater, I had the luxury of him sucking as an owner and as a person. (For the sake of transparency, I was a St. Louis Rams fan. I wrote earlier this year that I hope Kroenke chokes on an eclair.) Now, the Rams have been to two Super Bowls in four years, are coached by a guy who appears to be ahead of the curve, actually spend money, and even more surprisingly make effective trades. I wrote about the massive gamble Los Angeles took any time a team trades as many draft picks they did, but it’s paying off.

Regardless of how you feel about pushing your chips all in, if they beat the Bengals, they’ll join Denver and Tampa Bay as recent teams who spent capital to go after quarterbacks they believed could win them a title with the right coaches and cast. The Broncos have been stuck in rebuild mode ever since, and we’ll see how the Bucs’ move on after Brady,…

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