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Sukihana And Boyfriend Bill Released From Hospital After Multi-Car Crash


Sukihana And Boyfriend Bill Released From Hospital After Multi-Car Crash

Mother to rapper Sukihana shared troubling news on Monday. Sukihana and her on-and-off again boyfriend Kill Bill experienced a car accident involving three vehicles. Emergency personnel rushed the couple to the hospital in an ambulance. By Tuesday morning, Lori Lee posted better news. Doctors released Suki and Bill from the hospital.

Car Accident Announced

Like the update, Lori’s initial post offered little details about the accident. The mama took to Instagram with the post and kept her caption brief.

“This is Mama…Suki and Bill were in a 3 car wreck and rushed to the hospital via ambulance. I will update you guys as soon as I can,” Suki’s mother wrote on the post.

She also shared images of the three cars involved in the accident. In one photo, a truck-like vehicle seemingly collided into the right-side headlights of a smaller vehicle. In the other photo, a white, four-door car appears crushed from the front end. The hood is shriveled towards the windshield.

In her caption, Lori encouraged folks to send Sukihana “well wishes.” She did not provide any details on injuries or severity of the situation. However, she promised to “check in.”

Suki And Bill Released, Little Details Known 

This follow-up didn’t come in until Tuesday morning, when the update was posted.

“Suki and Bill are released from the hospital. Thank you for all of the great energy,” Lori said and signed the post “Mama.”

She added, “Welcome to 2022. #GlassHalfFull”

As of Tuesday afternoon, neither Sukihana or Kill Bill addressed the car accident. Instead, both parties took to Instagram to promote Bill’s recent interview with Dirty Glove Bastard. Sukihana also left a clapping hands emoji comment under Bill’s post of the teaser clip on his page.

Suki also took time on Twitter to announce her new music video dropping this afternoon.

This is a developing story, please check back for updates.

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