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Superfit Hero Partners With Kohl’s: Now You Can Shop Up to Size 7X IN-STORE!


Superfit Hero Partners With Kohl’s: Now You Can Shop Up to Size 7X IN-STORE!

Superfit Hero is always at the top of our list when it comes to inclusive activewear. The brand carries sizes L-7x and features fun colors and thoughtful design. So when we heard the news that they were teaming up with Kohl’s for a limited time and have their entire size range available in select stores, we HAD to be one of the first to let you know!

Image: Superfit Hero

“For years, plus size women have been begging for the chance to simply shop like everyone else, to actually be able to try on clothes in a store. Now, they can do that at Kohl’s.” Micki Krimmel, Founder/CEO.

As a plus size person, you may very well be familiar with the disappointment of not having plus size options available in-store to try on. It should not be a luxury to have the ability to shop in-store for clothes! Kohl’s has been delivering when it comes to providing plus size fashions in-store, and this breaking news shows that they are willing to go above and beyond for their plus size customers!

Image: Superfit Hero

Superfit Hero is bringing its inclusive activewear to the national retailer, making it the first major brick-and-mortar store to carry sizes through 7X (42) IN STORES!! This is history in the making!

“I’m beyond excited to be working with Kohl’s on this collaboration. They have the influence and the reach to bring Superfit Hero’s mission of inclusivity to a much broader audience. This will literally be the first time some of our customers have the opportunity to walk into a national retailer and pull their size off the rack to try it on! Their team has been amazing to work with and we hope this program does really well so we can continue working with them.”

Micki Krimmel, Founder/CEO.

Image: Superfit Hero

For the first time, consumers will have the opportunity to TRY ON these sizes in a major retail store, which is a significant step toward making clothing more accessible to the estimated 70% of the market that wears size 14 and above. 

“Plus-size folks should have just as much access to premium clothes as everyone else. This collaboration marks a milestone in the…

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