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Teacher Notices a Change in Little Boy’s Behavior and Soon Finds a Note Asking for Help – Story of the Day


Teacher Notices a Change in Little Boy’s Behavior and Soon Finds a Note Asking for Help – Story of the Day

Rachel was a teacher for special needs children, and she noticed one of her students acting strange one day. A big man started dropping and picking him up every day for school, and Rachel got even more suspicious. Finally, Robert left a letter on her desk one day, and the message made her run for help.

“Good morning, everyone,” Rachel Chambers said as she began her class. She also used her hands to sign the message because some of her students were deaf. She loved her job, but today, her antenna was up. One of her students, Robert, was acting strange, and a big burly man had dropped him off. That was even odder.

Since all her kids had special needs, she knew all their mothers and some of the fathers, and as far as she knew, Robert’s mother was single. This man had to be a new boyfriend, and she had to see if he was good to Robert. However, she noticed that Robert didn’t respond to her good morning and remained quiet during the rest of the day.

Robert started acting strange. | Source: Shutterstock

The man picked him up after school. He was wearing a pulled-up hoodie and a sour expression that raised all of Rachel’s alarms. She tried to talk to him before he left with the child.

“Sir! I’m sorry we haven’t met before. Are you Robert’s dad?” she said in the most cheerful tone possible.

The man looked up for a second and grumbled, “Yeah, I am. Sorry, I have to go.” And he dragged Robert away quickly.

Rachel couldn’t follow them for now, but she was going to get to the bottom of it. She tried calling Robert’s mom, Sarah, that afternoon, but she didn’t answer her phone or her home landline. That was odd.

Following your instincts can save someone’s life.

She was an involved mom and never missed a chance to talk to Rachel about Robert’s progress. He had some learning disabilities that landed him in her class, but he wasn’t stupid. He was pretty smart, and Rachel knew he would tell her if something was wrong at home. But she had to wait.

The same man dropped Robert off again. | Source: Pexels

The same man dropped Robert at school the following day and didn’t look at Rachel when she tried to…

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