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Teens Charged with 8-Year-Old Girl’s Death While ‘Reckless’ Police Gunfire Took Her Life


Teens Charged with 8-Year-Old Girl’s Death While ‘Reckless’ Police Gunfire Took Her Life

8-year-old Fanta Bility died by the police, justice for her begins on Jan 13 when the court case starts. However, the people charged with her murder didn’t kill her. The details around the case have many local Philadelphia residents are concerned about the case. Activist Jamal Johnson is concerned police may escape reasonability for the girl’s death.

“Hopefully, these police officers can be held accountable,” Johnson said. Police said on the night of Aug. 27, 2021, in Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia, Angelo Ford, 16, and Hasein Strand, 19, got into an argument at a high school football game while the game was ending amid leaving the stadium, tension between Ford and Strand culminated in the two exchanging gunfire at each other.

Sharon Hill Police officers at the football stadium responded to the gunfire.

Once officers arrived at the scene, they saw a car drive by, and the officers believed the passing car contained suspects in the shooting, causing them opening fire toward the car. Amid the gunfire, five people were wounded by gunshots and one of the five victims was Fanta Bility. Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer says four of the five people wounded were hit by police bullets.

“A second set of DAs and detectives are working on whether the police should be arrested and charged for their recklessness and failure to follow their training and understanding you don’t shoot at a moving car and you definitely don’t shoot at a moving car unless you’re sure there are bad guys inside fleeing a felony,” Bruce Castor, the attorney for Bility’s family said.

Castor said the bullet that killed Bility was badly damaged, which complicates the investigation for investigators to learn which of the three officers’ guns the fatal bullet came from.

The district attorney is charging Ford and Strand with murder in Bility’s death and wounding all the bystanders because he says their actions, “initiated the deadly events.”

“That’s a tough sell, these two guys are shooting at one another, and the cops make a mistake and…

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