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Texas A&M’s Coach Sydney Carter Criticized For ‘Inappropriate’ Outfit


Texas A&M’s Coach Sydney Carter Criticized For ‘Inappropriate’ Outfit

Texas A&M’s player development coach Sydney Carter has gone viral after photos of what she wore to a recent game began circulating online. While she got mostly positive comments, there were a few negative ones as well. Twitter defended Carter, for her outfit choice while on the sidelines during a university game.

The former Texas A&M basketball player always wears business attire during games. On Feb 7, Carter posted a photo on Twitter of her in pink patent leather pants, a white turtleneck and heels. A pink ribbon, symbolizing breast cancer awareness, was also pinned to her top. In the photos, players can be seen sporting pink socks and sneakers as well.

Wayne Walker, a Facebook user, posed the question, “Is her outfit appropriate as a basketball coach?”

Carter posted a single photo of her during game 22, quoting Nicki Minajs lyrics from her song “Do We Have A Problem”, featuring Lil Baby.

After playing with Texas A&M University from 2008-12, Carter was then drafted in the third round of the 2012 WNBA Draft as the 27th overall pick, Carter played for four years and six years overseas.

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