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‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Let the Rain Fall Down and Wake Clayton’s Dreams


‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Let the Rain Fall Down and Wake Clayton’s Dreams

For a few hours there, it felt like Cassidy had figured out the perfect strategy. Through a combination of brashness and nonchalance, she had managed to maximize her Clayton time and her screen time while avoiding participation in the tedious fluff that all Bachelor contestants must power through. She even got to have an extended conversation with Hilary Duff. Unfortunately, Cassidy made a terrible decision to “Come Clean” (absolute banger by the way), knocking herself out of contention with one of the worst unforced errors in the show’s recent history.

On this week’s first group date, in which about 10 contestants were asked to throw a party for a bunch of children who were all clearly child actors instructed to act as annoying as possible for as long as cameras were rolling. In response, Cassidy took one of the hardest anti-kid stances by a blond woman since the gold-digging stepmom in The Parent Trap. She was openly hostile to the children, telling one “I spend as little time as possible around you small people.” She did not dress up like a clown or decorate cakes or build a dollhouse. And while we’ve often heard contestants say they’re not on the show to make friends, Cassidy debuted a new line: ”I’m not here to hang streamers.” When confronted about her lack of participation by other contestants, she rightfully pointed out that “they’re not paying us.” Yes, Cassidy! Know (clap) your (clap) worth!

Instead, Cassidy focused on talking to the important people: Clayton and Hilary Duff, who Cassidy claims was her favorite artist growing up. She got in some extended makeout sessions with Clayton and let Hilary know that she held up a sign with a picture of her face on it at one of Duff’s concerts. She then proceeded to tell Hilary all about her strategy for winning Clayton’s heart—although Hilary, a self-professed Bachelor fan, didn’t seem too interested in hearing a non-famous person speak at length about reality dating show game plans:

Cassidy ended up getting the group date rose, which absolutely…

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