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The Best Movies on Disney Plus


The Best Movies on Disney Plus

Disney Plus is more than Marvel. But it also has a lot of Marvel!

Disney Plus

When you think Disney Plus, you think… Disney. You probably also think Star Wars or Marvel.

But Disney Plus has maybe the best movie back catalogue of any streaming service out there — almost to the point where the choice is overwhelming.

That’s where we come in. Below are some of our favorite movies currently available to watch on Disney Plus. We’ve divided it conveniently into categories. We’ll start, naturally, with Disney.


It’s only right to start with the best Disney movies on Disney Plus. Warning: We didn’t add any of the live-action remakes because they are almost all terrible. Please don’t get upset.



You can agree or you can disagree, but I believe that Aladdin has the best song lineup of any animated movie Disney has ever produced. A Whole New World, Prince Ali, Friend Like Me, Arabian Nights — just banger after banger. 

Combine this with a pitch-perfect, utterly golden performance from Robin Williams and you have — for me — possibly the best Disney animated movie ever.

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