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The Comic Book Origins of ‘Moon Knight’ Leave Endless Possibilities for the Disney+ Series – Black Girl Nerds


The Comic Book Origins of ‘Moon Knight’ Leave Endless Possibilities for the Disney+ Series – Black Girl Nerds

It’s no mystery that over the years the Marvel Cinematic Universe has introduced complex anti-heroes who have some key issues. From Tony Stark’s bad habit of creating major villains like Ultron to Doctor Strange’s recent favor for Peter Parker that majorly backfired, the heroes many love are not perfect.

However, there’s a new moon-powered member of the Disney+ MCU who has a lot of personality — multiple personalities to be exact — which can be both his undoing and greatest sources of power. While many got their first glance at this cloaked mercenary in the recent trailer, some may wonder who exactly Moon Knight is and how his comic origins might fit into the MCU.

While previous Marvel shows on Disney+ continue stories that have already been introduced in movies (WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, and Hawkeye), this is the first Marvel series on the streaming platform to introduce a brand new character, Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac), who is known for having dissociative identity disorder in the comics. However, the trailer suggests that show creator Jeremy Slater (Umbrella Academy) may be changing it to a sleep disorder. Only time will tell. 

Originally created in 1975 by artist Don Perlin and writer Doug Moench, Moon Knight made his debut in the Marvel comic Werewolf by Night #32, most likely meaning, yes, what viewers saw in the trailer is in fact Moon Knight fighting the Werewolf from the comics as part of his origin story. 

Moon Knight will likely be the most traumatized character that audiences have seen on screen so far and possibly the most disorienting. The comics introduce his dominant persona as Marc Spector, a former CIA operative and marine whose father is a rabbi. Despite Marc’s religious upbringing, he eventually becomes a mercenary.

When a mission in Sudan goes wrong, he must fight another mercenary named Raoul Bushman. Marc is fatally wounded by Raoul, and then he uses the last of his strength to reach a hidden tomb. The tomb is next to the strongest force in Moon Knight’s lore, a statue of the Egyptian moon god named…

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