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The Conversation We Still Need To Have About Jim Jones Saying He Was French Kissed By His Mother


The Conversation We Still Need To Have About Jim Jones Saying He Was French Kissed By His Mother

Last week, rapper Jim Jones found himself trending on social media and making a number of headlines after he shared a disturbing anecdote from his childhood. As a guest on the Lip Service podcast, a show about sex and relationships, Jones revealed that his mother was his first teacher when it came to sex.

“I learned my sex education from my mother,” Jones said. “She taught me everything about sex–my first condoms. My mom taught me how to kiss when she was younger.”

Assuming Mama Jones provided verbal instruction, Angela Yee, creator and host of the show, asked Jones, “What did she tell you to do?”

Jones replied, “She showed me how to tongue kiss. It wasn’t no instructions she showed me with her mouth.”

Yee: “She kissed you?!”

Jones: “That’s my mother!”

Jones rationalized the behavior saying his mother had him at 17 years old. “Look at all the babies having babies now, it’s like they have a little sister or brother more than they have a child.”

Surprisingly, aside from Yee’s question about whether or not Mama Jones actually kissed him, the hosts kept the conversation going. Yee asked Jim if he found tongue kissing gross the first time he did it.

“The first time I tongue kissed a girl, yeah. But with my moms, it didn’t phase me.”

Naturally, Jones’ revelation sparked a great deal of discussion. Listeners were troubled – and some even validated –given Mama Jones’ issues with her son’s longtime partner Chrissy. And there were others who would have preferred to move on from the topic altogether.

Jones, unsurprisingly, was one of them. After the interview clip made its rounds, he released a video of his own claiming that the whole thing was a joke and the media was “weak” for trying to project a certain narrative.

Mama Jones, in an interview with The Shade Room, claimed that she didn’t actually put her tongue in her son’s mouth because she’s not a “nasty mother.”


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