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The Fashion-Forward Mindset of the FOC Designer


The Fashion-Forward Mindset of the FOC Designer

Intention through one’s artistry is an authentic manner in achieving pure self-satisfaction. FOC (Flaws of Couture) owner and Toronto native Sashagai Ruddock is an award-winning creative who takes pride in her attention to detail, versatility, and overall execution of her vision. Sashagai’s “fashion show eye” shines through her fierce collaborations with brands such as REBDOLLS, Shein, and Channa Karasi.

Photography Courtesy of Sashagai Ruddock

Sashagai has not only built a fashion-forward, inclusive clothing brand from the ground up, but she also directs the ever-successful “Deddy’s Kitchen” YouTube series starring her charismatic father. In a world where time in itself is seen as fleeting, Sashagai prides herself on constantly taking her time in obtaining the professional and personal moments that genuinely mean the most. Nevertheless, there is no denial that Ruddock’s overall path has been crafted with care, purpose, and structure.

FOC X Channa Karasai Up-Cycled Capsule Collection (2021)

Sashagai Ruddock on Her Clothing Line “Flaws Of Couture”

What are some structural details that you look for when constructing one of your legendary looks for “Flaws of Couture?”

For me, it can vary. When it comes to structure, I love a good structured arm. I love shoulders – like really good structured shoulders. I love long lengths. I love an oversized look just as much as I serve a really skimpy, tight look. But the whole oversized high fashion look? If I can make a piece that is comforting as much as it is high fashion looking then I’m sold.

“Flaws of Couture” ended up winning the Shein X 100K Challenge contest finale and the $100K grand prize! How was the overall experience for you, and what can fans look forward to in the future?

The experience of the Shein X competition was wild. It was very much an experience I did not expect. I entered the competition, not realizing how grand it would be. I really thought that I was just gonna go after this 100K and compete against hundreds of designers across the world. I knew it was a big competition, but I didn’t…

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