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The Internet Simply Cannot Handle Robert Pattinson With Bleach-Blonde Hair — See Photos


The Internet Simply Cannot Handle Robert Pattinson With Bleach-Blonde Hair — See Photos

Everyone and their mom is going crazy over Robert Pattinson’s new blonde mane on the Internet. Well, maybe not everyone and their mom, but it sure looks like it. I’m also going crazy over the new look as well if I’m being honest. The frenzy erupted when the actor shared three photos via Instagram from his photoshoot with men’s lifestyle magazine, GQ, on February 8. Pattinson is also the magazine’s March 2022 cover star.

Several Instagram users expressed their approval for the actor’s new hair color by commenting with heart, fire, and heart-eyed emojis in the comments. Meanwhile, other Instagram users in the comments section got pretty analytical with their thoughts on Pattinson’s new look. An Instagram user by the name of @alek_allthetime observed that the actor’s new mane makes him look like singer Billy Idol, and another Instagrammer by the name of @kayleejayy14 mused how he resembles Spike from the early-aughts TV series Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The fanfare for the actor’s new blonde hair in GQ was also on full display on TikTok. A TikTok user by the name of @hanshults shared how she fell head over heels for Pattinson’s newly blonde hair with a 14-second video (that you can see here) of some photos from the magazine’s photoshoot. In the video, she also wrote in bold typeface that said: “The lord did not prepare me for this Robert Pattinson GQ cover.” Another TikToker named @chalametsfilm  also shared some photos from the shoot with the caption (check it out right here), “SCREAMING HE LOOKS SO GOOD.” Obviously, the bold text was used to emphasize how good Pattinson looks, of course. 

It’s unclear if Pattinson’s bleach-blonde hair comes by way of a wig for the purposes of his new magazine cover, or if the actor actually dyed his naturally brown hair blonde. Pattinson is no stranger to blonde hair whatsoever. In fact, he wore blonde hair in the film The King and has sported some frosty tips throughout the years. His newly bleach-blonde head truly tops the charts as his most transformative look yet. 

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