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The Key To Tropical Glowing Skin Even In The Winter


The Key To Tropical Glowing Skin Even In The Winter

I took a trip down to Miami, where it certainly was not cold! They had the perfect mixture of sunshine and humidity, completely ending my skin’s horror film called winter skin. My face was completely clear, my skin felt moisturized and soft, and not to mention, I had a bit of a glow! I’ve been determined to keep that glowing skin, making sure my beautiful tropical, happy skin sticks are around now that I’m back in what feels like the tundra!

I knew that this was going to take some extra TLC to achieve because the cold spares no one’s skin. Take a look at these heavy-duty products to keep that tropical glow on your skin even when you aren’t waking up to palm trees!

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This lightweight and non-greasy skin magic is the ultimate winter moisturizer! It is super hydrating without the

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