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The NFL Food City Playoffs: Culinary Consolation Belly Bracket


The NFL Food City Playoffs: Culinary Consolation Belly Bracket

You, the hungry homies, have made your opinions known throughout these palatable playoffs, and House has been listening. To set things right, he’s set up this culinary consolation belly bracket and brought in food expert Chris Ying to make sure there are no more mistakes. Together, along with Craig Horlbeck, David Jacoby, and Mallory Rubin, they’ll pit the Primanti Bros. sandwich against the lobster roll and the Mission burrito against Kansas City barbecue to determine a winner.

The only way to know if they got this right is to bellysource it! Find us on Twitter @HouseOfCarbs and on Instagram @TheHouseOfCarbs and let us know.

Hosts: Joe House and Craig Horlbeck
Guests: Chris Ying, David Jacoby, and Mallory Rubin
Producers: Craig Horlbeck, Chelsea Stark-Jones, and Mike Wargon

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