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Tisha Campbell Recounts Details of Scary Moment While Waiting for Taxi


Tisha Campbell Recounts Details of Scary Moment While Waiting for Taxi

Tisha Campbell wants to remind folks “I ain’t Gina b–ch” after telling her story of how she thinks she “almost got snatched up.”

On her Instagram, she posted a video on Friday, Jan. 28, explaining a situation that left her feeling like she was almost kidnapped. She said, “So, they don’t have ubers where I’m filming and I had to call a taxi so I get this number but the van that pulls up looks real sketchy. But there’s a guy in the back seat right, so when he jumps out the guy is just standing there.”

Tisha Campbell (Photo: @tishacampbell/Instagram)

Campbell explains that he thought the guy was a passenger in the taxi who was getting dropped off at that location. “He goes ‘Get in’ and I go ‘What?’ he goes ‘Get in.” Campbell said she replied no and looked into the vehicle to find that it was severely damaged. “I look inside the car, it’s f–ked up. The rubber is pulled up from the bottom; there’s dirt everywhere The back seat looked like it was snatched out and snatched out for a f–king reason.”

Continuing to recount the story, Campbell said the driver in the front seat was now urging her to get in the car while the second guy “in the back” was “motioning his body” toward her. After she refused to get in the car again, she said she was told, ” ‘Well get in the front seat then,’ ” to which she replied, “I’m not getting in that f–king car; f–k y’all.”

Campbell said she went back to the front desk to ask the lady who the guy is that gave her the taxi number and the lady replied, “Why would he give you this number?” Before the clip ended, Campbell replied, “Yo this trafficking sh-t is real. But they got me f–ked up. They got me f–ked up. ‘Cause I ain’t Gina b-tch,” she said referring to her character on “Martin.”

The 53-year-old later put in the caption that she sent that video to her brother immediately after the incident happened. She also wrote, “​​I need for EVERYONE to be overly conscious of themselves and their loved ones. As tonidrivera says it’s SHOPPING SEASON where traffickers try to…

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